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So I was tagged in this thing by :iconicartoonu: so I guess this is a thing I'm doing now.


1.) Do not change any of the following questions

2.) Keep it appropriate, only mild cussing, sexual, gory, and violent content please. (I make no promises)

3.) Tag at least 5 people.

4.) Follow these rules

5.) Have fun! Fun is mandatory.

1.) First, show us your character's face. What does he/she look like and what is their name?

My Ponysona: Final Cut by SkiddleZIzKewl

Final Cut.

2.) Very nice, tell us about them! Their personality, dislikes?

Very eccentric and witty but can be also overly cynical, sarcastic and stoic.
Very reclusive. Can be shy around new people.
Nominated Best comedic relief character of 20X6.

3.) Cool! Now if your character was going in a movie, what would he/she sound like? Like a voice actor or something. 

Hugh Jackman.

4.) Does he/she have any kids? And if so with who? And do they have a mate?


5.)Is he/she a virgin?


6.) Does he/she believe in world peace?

world peas for all

7.) How did they come to be?

Take a wild guess.

8.)How tall is he/she?

Pony height.

9.) Is he/she capable of falling in love? If so, how would they react to it?

He spent a couple of hours on Tinder, does that count?

10.)Are they religious?

He follows the very sacred religion of go fuck yourselves.

11.)What are their faults? All negatives.

Diagnosed with aspergers.
Has trouble making friends.
Not particularly bright.

12.)What are their positives?


13.)Is he/she straight or other?

Bicurious Straight.

14.)Any regrets?

No ragrets.

15.)One wish?

Infinite Wishes.

16.)If he/she has a crush, what do they like about the other?

Damn, she's got a good ass personality.

17.)If he/she had a soundtrack to describe them, what would it be?

18.)Does he/she have a rival of any kind? Like a childhood friend or something?


19.)Anything he/she wants to change?

Dick length. Social skills.

20.) Has he/she went through any life changing events? How are they different now in the present then their past selves?

The jaw surgery was pretty drastic.

21.) Last question, what is his/her favorite sound?


I tag these twats.
:iconcalcific: :iconmikkillerib: :iconshift-1347: :iconcrazyone59: :iconalexanderhunt88:

I expect a full report on my desk by five.

  • Listening to: Music
  • Eating: Whatever I can digest


William Neville
Current Residence: Adelaide, Australia
Favourite style of art: Anime, ponies
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod/iPad
Skin of choice: wow, what a racist question
Favourite cartoon character: Flippy or Flaky or Fluttershy or Kenpachi or Hollow Ichigo, THERE'S SO MANY I CAN'T DECIDE!!!
Personal Quote: 'Bollocks'

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My Tumblr blog:


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